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My name is Christian Karvala, I am a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. I chose Mechanical Engineering as my major because it is a degree relevant to my interests. Many of my hobbies fall in line with some facets of Mechanical Engineering. To a lesser extent, I understand that the Engineering field can be very lucrative. However, I chose this major for my love and curiosity for machines.

My favorite hobby would have to be restoring and building vintage mopeds. During the gas crisis of the 1970's, many vehicle manufacturers began building small, two-stroke, pedal-assisted vehicles called 'mopeds' that resemble small motorcycles. Today, there is a small sub-culture that surrounds restoring, building, and racing vintage mopeds which I am a part of. My current bike is a 1975 Motobecane Mobylette 40t that I've sunk a lot of money and time into, however, I have no regrets as I've enjoyed every minute of the build.
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  1. Prepare teriyaki glaze
  2. Shape ground beef into patties
  3. Prepare fresh pineapple and slice into 1/2 inch thick rings
  4. Lightly brush glaze onto patties and grill over charcoal until medium-rare
  5. Grill pineapple until warm and patterned with light grill-marks
  6. Brush butter onto Hawaiian sweet roll and grill until toasted
  7. Assemble teri burger with fresh iceberg lettuce
Class Grade
MAE-206 Statics C
GC-120 Fundamentals of Graphics Communication A
CSC-112 Introduction to Computing-FORTRAN B
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