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My name is Caelin Lewis. I am a Freshman at NCState University. I want to become a Veterinarian. I am likely to major in animal science in order to prepare for my field.

My favorite animal is the Komodo Dragon . I think that the Komodo Dragon is the coolest animal because he looks terrifying. The Komodo Dragon are also extremely rare so they are special creature that should be perceived. Komodo Dragons are the native to a few volcanic islands in the Indonesian chain of islands. Another thing that make Komodo Dragons special are they are the largest living lizards in today's world. Youtube Link "Gamer For Life"
  1. Go to Pizza Hut
  2. Select Pizza
  3. Pick Favorite Topping
  4. Pay for Pizza
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 A-
CH 101 B+
ENG 101 B-
trolling fresh with my KD