Chad J Cox

My name is Chad Cox and this is my NCSU webpage for Fall Semester 2009. I am currently taking classes as a non-degree student but hope to be in the Electrical Engineering Program soon. I chose this major because I worked as an Avionics Technician for six years in the United States Air Force. The pictures below are of the jets I worked on. It is my hope to advance the knowledge I already have so I will be better able to succeed in the future. It could take up to a year to obtain all the requirements I need.

F-15E Strike Eagle U-2 Dragonlady

My favorite Halloween costume is actully one I would never wear. I only saw it in a picture on the internet. There was this guy who fashioned himself a Imperial Walker out of cardboard. So when he would stand on all four limbs he would look like the actual machine used in the Star Wars moive. I can't really say I'm a mega Star Wars fan, but the costume was pretty funny.

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Honest Abe

Here is a list of my favorite College Football Teams

  1. NCSU
  2. UK
  3. UNLV
  4. University of Maryland
  5. Penn State

Here is a table of their Mascots
Team Mascot
North Carolina State University Wolfpack
University of Kentucky Wildcats
University of Las Vegas Rebels
University of Maryland Terrapin
Penn State Nittany Lion