About me:

Hey my name is Cameron Rhodes, and I am from a small town back toward Greenville called Bailey. I just began my Junior year here at NC State as an Ag. Business major. While here at State I find most of my time spent either studying with friends or hanging out with my Brothers. I have joined a fraternity here at NC State and have found a lot of pride and joy when I wear those letters. I am also really into sports, I play year around softball and also participate in all of my fraternities inter-mural games.

While taking CSC 200, I am enjoying the idea of learning how to use my computer to its fullest effects. Before taking this class I knew barely anything about computer except how to search the internet and type in word. Not only knowing but also understanding the material we go over in class makes me feel more confident in myself for future job opportunities. I would like to learn more about making these HTML pages because knowing how to design a website has always excited me. If I had to pick one thing I do not like about the class i could not really tell you one, I overall enjoy this class.

Me and Mom

CSC 200

Food Group:
Green Beans
Brussels sprouts
Frosted Flakes
Wheat Bread
Milk/ yogart
Whole Milk
Skim Milk