Hi! I'm Calvin!

My name is Calvin Shanahan and I am a First-Year Engineering student at NCSU. I am expected to graduate in May 2019 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. From a young age, I have been drawn to math and science. I have also expressed a strong interest in building and perfecting things that may or may not have stemmed from Lego building. Engineering seemed like the perfect field for me, and this allowed me to keep in touch with my love for chemistry.

My two favorite hobbies are acting in the theatre and video games. However, I really only have time for the latter. My favorite games include sandbox narrative based games like the Batman: Arkham series and Assassin's Creed. It allows me to let out stress over an immersive experience in which I step into the shoes of a virtual character. It's like acting, but it's me controlling the character as opposed to the character controlling my actions!

AH Star Click here for my resume!
  1. Call Mellow Mushroom
  2. Order a Meat Lover's Pizza
  3. Get the normal crust.
  4. Pick up the pizza
  5. Give it to me :)
  6. Class Expected Grade
    PY 205 A-
    E 115 S
    E 101 A
    CH 101 A
    MA 242 A
    PY 206 A+
    MUS 112 A+
    ENG 101 A-
    Video Game Wallpaper