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Hello, my name is Charles Terry and I want to be a ECE major. I want to go into wepons and prostetics devlopment and thought that an ECE degree would give me the best skills for both. My second choice for a major is Mechanical Engineering. For much the same reason as before, I belive that mechanical Engineering would provide me with a wide skill set aplicable towards oth of my goals.

As mentioned above I would like a job in wepons devlopment. The company in this area that most catches my eye is Raytheon. I would like to work in thier reasearch and devlopment department. later I Intend to start my own company specilizing in artificl limbs.

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I seem to have done this incorectly
  1. E 115
  2. Ma 141
  3. Chem 101
  4. Chem 102

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