Welcome To My Page!

Hello, my name is Krister and I am a transfer student from UNCA. I am a senior by credits but am taking sophmore classes because I changed my major from Mathematics to Electrical Engineering. I chose this major, and NCSU, because I want to work in the renewable energy industry. I am concentrating in REES--Renewable Electric Energy Sources--within the Electrical Engineering department here at NCSU.

My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I haven't had much time to learn new riffs or songs during the school semester. However playing guitar is still a great way for me to relax. I own an acoustic Fender, and my roommate has an electric Fender that I play around with sometimes. In case you don't know what a guitar is, see image below.

My favorite website is Reddit...
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Course Name Expected Grade
E115 S
Circuits & Signals Analysis A
Material Science A+
Public Speaking B
Introduction to Computer Systems A

Random Guitar