My name is Caleb Brownfield and this is my index webpage

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I am from a small town in Eastern North Carolina known as Williamston. Currently, I attend NC State University where I intend to study Ecological Engineering and Wildlife/Conservation Biology. I am unsure of my anticipated Graduation year, but currently I should be done by 2021.

Future Plans

I chose these two majors to help me in my pursuit of creating a career in the conservation of organisms and natural resources. So far some of the jobs that intrigue me include working with the state parks and recreation as a biologist, or becoming a consultant for an environmental firm to assist with wetland restoration.

List of Skills

Relevant Coursework

ClassCourse TitleSemester
Bio 181 Intro to Diversity/Ecology Spring 2017
E 115 Intro to Computing Environments Spring 2017
Ma 141 Calculus 1 Spring 2017