My name is Caroline and I am a Freshman. I am currently undecided on a major. I am thinking about either Computer Science or Nuclear Engineering.I am thinking about these two because they spark my interest and I want to learn more about them. Hopefully by next year I will have decided on something.

My favorite hobby is playing with my cats. I have two, Mimi & Jynxx. Mimi is older, and is a grey tabby. Jynxx is younger and almost all black, except for he tufts of white on his chest and belly. My cats relax me and I just love having them sit with me. They are good company to have. My mom and I are working on my dad to get a kitten.
  1. Get bread
  2. Add ham
  3. Add lettuce and mayo
  4. Add cheese
Course Expected Grade
MA241 CSC116 CH101