Meet Chuck

Hi, my name is Charles Creasman. All my friends call me Chuck. I am currently attending North Carolina State University. I am a Freshman and on track to be a 2018 graduate from NC State. The reason I am attending NCSU if for their outstanding engineering program. I am in the engineering program and majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Now lets talk about what I like to do outside of school. My hobbies include, football, basketball, baseball, racquet ball, weightlifting, running, playing the guitar, singing, eating, jumping rope, swimming, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and much much more. My favorite hobby would have to be hunting. I love to hunt because it involves a lot of my hobbies all mixed into one. While hunting I get to hike, run (sometimes), eat (once I kill something), stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors, sleep, and shoot guns.

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How to Make a Sandwich
  1. Get two pieces of bread
  2. Spread mayo on the inner pieces of bread
  3. Spread some mustard on one of the inner pieces of bread
  4. Put a piece of ham between the two pieces of bread
  5. Enjoy!
Class Grade
Economics B
Calculus I B
Chemistry Lab A
Big Buck