My name is Connor Crothers. This is my second semester at state. credit-based, I am a sophomore. My intended major is Computer Science. I chose that major because I am technologically driven and I know it will provide me with a good career outlook.

I have too many hobbies to consider just one my favorite. As a computer scientist, it should come to no surprise that I love video games. That includes playing them, and making them. Additionally, I enjoy skateboarding and racquet ball. They are great ways to keep me in shape. I enjoy parkour and wrestling, eating, and watching TV. I also really enjoy art. I'm not so good at it but I have a great appreciation for it.

My Resume (some formatting issues are present)
  1. get bread
  2. get cheese
  3. get deli meats
  4. put everything between the bread
Class Expected Grade
C and Software Tools B-
Data Structures B+
Calc III A