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Hi! My name is Connie Feinberg and I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University At the moment I plan to major in Materials Science Engineering! In E101, whenever we would talk about different issues that would need to be solved in different situations, I realized that the materials side of things always sparked my interest. I have not completely decided on MSE yet. However, I am taking a higher level of chemistry and physics next semester than I have taken before. Depending on how I enjoy those classes and learn more about the different majors will likely decide what I end up majoring in. Maybe I am actually an Aerospace Engineer at heart!

I find space exploration a fascinating area. I have always wanted to contribute to furthur humankind's knowledge of the universe, and so working with a space program has been a dream of mine. The amazing thing about engineering, is that no matter what discipline I choose I can still be a part of that advancement. If I become a materials science engineer I could work to improve the materals used on space ships and telescope!

Interesting classes that I have taken/hope to take:

  1. E 101
  2. PY 328
  3. PY 341
  4. PHI 205

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Astronomy Club Astronomy Club Link
Women and Minorities in Engineering (WMEP) WMEP Link