My name is Carmina Ferreras. I am a sohpomore and I am a Math Education major. I chose this major because I love math and the logistics of it. Therefore I'd love to teach it. All my brothers are engineers, and because of them, I've always had a liking to mathemmatics. Having great math teachers help students learn math made me want to do the same for my career.

My favorite break was this past summer. I went to the Philippines for two months. I visited my family and friends. We always ate different foods and saw different sights. I always miss my family there. I almost never go back because the tickets are so expensive. So when I go, I make the most of it.

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    How to Order Pizza!
  1. Look up favorite pizza place in directory.
  2. Call!
  3. Tell them what you want!
  4. Wait until they come to your door with the order, and pay!
  5. EAT!

Class Grade
MA241 A
E115 S
SOC305 A