casey hembrick design portfolio


That awkward first meeting page...


...This is where I'm supposed to tell you a few interesting facts, maybe a riveting narrative about my growing up, along with with a few goals, right? Well ... here it goes:



There are the fun facts (I think I'll skip the narrative). Now for the real stuff.


Well...this is my portfolio, a quick glimpse at who I am and where I'm trying to go. I'm a North Carolina State University student majoring in Design Studies with a concentration in Business Administration. I'm in search of opportunities to further my knowledge and enhance my skills in design, more specifically Graphic Design. While I’ve learned a lot in the courses I’ve taken, the experience gained from internships and other jobs are invaluable to my future as a designer.


Hopefully this page has peaked your interest and you’ll continue to click on (on this website of course).





(see, told you I like color)