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My name is Chase Lane. I am a sophomore here at NC State and am currently trying to join the Computer Science program here. I personally want computer science due to how much the career field grows per year and that there is always an exciting new challenge that awaits to be solved.

My current job is that of being a fulltime student and Naval ROTC Midshipman. These jobs together have much more of a workload than what I did during my time as a fast food industry worker. The responsibility of doing these jobs is also greater as I have to develop my time management skill exponentially more. The Navy pays me to be at college and display my academic prowess as well as physically develop into the image of a "perfect" officer.

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    Classes I am currently in:

  1. Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. Introduction to Java
  3. Leadership and Management
  4. Introduction to Environmental Resource Economics

Clubs I want to join Their websites
Cross Country Cross Country Club Website
Paintball Paintball Club Website