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Hello, my name is Craig Messina and I am currently a first year engineering major at North Carolina State University.Right now, I have been switching around, but I think that I have finally decided on a major. I am looking to pursue a major in computer science with a minor in graphic communications. I have always enjoyed working with computers, and I feel confident that this is something that I would be comfortable doing in the future as a career.

Right now, I am currently working at the NC State Student Centers. This is located in the Talley student union, where rooms are rented out and reserved for clients. My job is to arrange and set up the rooms for the clients. I am also beginning my work as an A/V Technician where I will set up, and work with technology for the clients who rent out the rooms.

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  1. Calculus III
  2. Computing Concepts: Java
  3. History of Popular Music
  4. Foundations of Graphics
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