Cameron Michael at NCSU

My name is Cameron Michael and I am a freshman at NC State University. I plan to double major in electrical engineering and economics. I chose electrical engineering because I am good at math and science and I think electric power, as opposed to internal combustion engines, are the way of the future. I chose economics because I find financial markets and the way money moves interesting.

My first job was working as a busboy at a sushi bar called Jade Asian Fusion. Although for a first job it payed well and had flexible hours, I hated it. I think the restaurant industry is simply not a fun industry to work in, regardless of what your specific job is. Overall, I think it was a good experience to have a job in high school.

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  1. Target Archery
  2. A Closer Look at Capitalism
  3. Internation Finance
  4. Engineering Entrepreneurship I and II

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