How am I supposed to survive college without my Diet Dr. Kelp?!

My name is Christine Norton. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am currently a first year engineering student, but I am interested in becoming an electrical engineer. Electrical engineering interests me because I love to do many different things, and it has a wide variety of applications. More specifically, I am interested in musical instruments, helicopters, and medical devices. All of these subjects have a strong basis in electrical engineering.

My favorite hobby is creating music. I love to sing, and to play piano and guitar. My favorite song to play on piano is When I Fall in Love. My favorite song to play on guitar is Blackbird. I hope to be involved in singing groups at NC State in the semesters that follow.

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My Resume

My Favorite Pizza

  1. Thick, Cheese-Stuffed Crust
  2. Extra Cheese on Top
  3. Fresh Spinach
  4. Lots of Mushrooms
Course Expected Grade
MA 242 A+
EC 201 B-
PY 205 C
PY 206 A+
E 101 A
E 115 S
USP 111 S

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