Hello! My name is Clay Park


About My College Life

I am a first year engineering student going towards a computer science major. I am currently attending North Carolina State University. I am aiming to graduate in 2020.

Why I Chose To Do This

I chose a computer science major because computers and tech has always been very interesting to me. I spent a lot of my time tinkering with little electronics or broken tech. As well a lot of time was spent gaming furthering my liking of computer tech. While computer engineering provides a great opportunity in the tech world I am less interested in the hardware or networking side with more of an interesting focus on the software component. I hope to work for a small startup out of college creating new software that can innovate many aspects of life.

Skills and Qualities

Courseload For My Degree

Class Course Title Semester
Introduction to Computing Environments E115 Fall 2016
Introduction to Computing- Java Csc 116 Spring 2017
Programming Concepts- Java Csc 216 Fall 2017
Discrete Mathematics for CSC Csc 226 Fall 2017
C and Software Tools Csc 230 Spring 2017