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My name is Colin Rohr. I am a freshmen at NC State majoring in Engineering. I choose this major for a few reasons. One reason is because it is what my dad does for a living. Another reason is because Engineering is a very useable degree in the professional world. The last reason is because I have an intrest in the types of things engineers do.

Easily my favorite break from school is summer break. Summer break is by far the longest break so that right there makes it the best. The warm weather is also a plus. But the best part of summer break is the fact you can go swimming during the whole break. So the long time off, the warm weather, and swimming make summer the best break.

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How pizza is made

  1. Get Dough
  2. Roll out Dough
  3. Put sauce on dough
  4. Add Toppings
  5. Cook and Enjoy
  6. Courses Grade
    E115 S
    MA141 A
    ENG101 C