About Me

My name is Caitlin Tomer. I am a freshman here at NC State. I am planning to study biomedical or industrial engineering. I am interested in biomedical engineering because I have always been fascinated with the medical field. I am interested in industrial engineering because I also enjoy business, and industrial deals with the more business side of engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I have played soccer since I was little. I have always played on a travel team. Then I played for my high school team. Currently I play on an IM soccer team. It is a lot of fun and is a good outlet for me.

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  1. collect ingredients (bread, peanut butter, jelly)
  2. spread peanut butter on bread
  3. spread jelly on bread
  4. put the two pieces of bread together
  5. enjoy!
Class Grade
Chem 101 B
Bowling S
Economics A