Here's a little bit of information about me. Enjoy.

Hey, I'm Caroline Barker. I am a sophomore in the process of switching to Textile Engineering. I began my career at NCSU as a psychology major, so to say that this semester is drastically different would be an understatement. I've chosen to pursue a major in TE because I wanted a career that was more challenging and meaningful than what a psychology degree could offer. I want to focus on biomaterials and work with medical textiles like skin grafts and artificial organs. I've always been attracted to working in the medical field, and this degree offers a way into the growing field, by doing research and creating products for medical professionals to implement in their procedures.

In my limited free time, I really enjoy running. It provides a momentary escape from the stress of my studies and job and also offers a way to keep in shape. It's a nice way to be alone and have space to think. My favorite place to run in Raleigh is by Lake Johnson, but I get out to Umstead whenever I can. I ran cross country and track in high school, and just continued the hobby into college. I hope to run a half marathon in the near future.

Moodle I don't have a resume. Here's a paper I wrote last year.
  1. Using your iPhone/Android, call Dominoes, or Brixx, if you're feeling ~crazy~
  2. Request a pizza delivery to your place of residence
  3. Order a cheese pizza. Extra cheesy.
  4. Wait for the pizza with extreme impatience
  5. *Doorbell rings*
  6. Casually exchange cash with the delivery person
  7. Don't forget to tip
  8. Open the box
  9. Try not to eat the entire pizza in one sitting
Class Expected Grade
T 101 95%
EC 205 92%
PY 205 S