Hello, and welcome!

Hello. My name is Christopher Broome, and I am a first year engineering student at NC State University. I am currently planning to CODA into the Electrical Engineering department, but have also considered Materials Science. As a high school student, my favorite class was AP Physics, and of the topics covered, I found myself most intrigued by the classical electricity portions. I found it to be something I could apply to my own life, as I am a guitarist/bassist and use analog electrical components such as capacitors, potentiometers, and diodes regularly. While I realize this hardly encompasses what electrical engineering truly is, I feel it most closely resembles what I wish to do with my life, and what I find passion in. Materials science is much more an afterthought to me, but it is nice to have options.

As I had stated, I find much passion in my role as a musician. I started playing bass and guitar approximately five years ago, and honestly have never looked back. I consider myself a competent musician, and well versed in the terminology of the trade known as music theory. Since coming to university, I feel fairly confined musically, as I am not part of any ensemble, but this was my own fault. I still consider myself a musician much more that I do anything else, but music rarely puts bread on the table, so I decided to study engineering.


Guitar Center

  1. acquire peanut butter
  2. acquire bread
  3. apply peanut butter to bread
  4. consume happily

Class Projected Grade
E115 S
CH102 A+
ES100 A