Welcome to My Webpage!

My name is Caleb Edward Cooper, and I am a freshman at North Carolina State Univeristy. I am currently pursuing a degree in Engineering, and am planning to major in Construction Engineering. I chose this major because I have experience in the trades, and enjoy them. I also like being outside, and am seeking a career that allows me to feel some wind in my hair.

Currently, I am unemployed, but am in the final steps of negotiation for an internship with a large construction firm. I am excited for the internship because it is better than my past job at TCBY, or continuing to work for contractors. Working at TCBY was miserable, but I sure can make a very beautiful cone of Howling Cow ice cream in the dining hall now.

My Most Interesting Classes

  1. EC 201
  2. CH 101
  3. MA 141
  4. E 115
  5. Here are Two Clubs I am Interested in

    Club NameLink To Site
    NC State Sailing Sailing Club
    Tennis Club Tennis Club