!ceflody3 Chuck Floyd

Chuck Floyd

My name is Charles Floyd. I am a freshman at North Carolina State Univerity. I am studying Nuclear Engineering. I chose this major because I didn't really know anything about the subject and wanted to know more. It also seemed interesting.

My favorite break is winter break. My birthday is over winter break. Christmas is over winter break. I also go skiing over winter break every year. I like the cold weather and snow is always fun. It is in all ways better than spring and summer break.

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    How to make a sandwich
  1. one slice of bread
  2. put mayonnaise on that slice of bread
  3. put turkey on the sandwich
  4. put texas pete on the sandwich
  5. put the other piece of bread on top
Class Grade
e115 S
Japanese S
fortran A-/B+
physics A-/B+