Welcome to my webpage. I hope after reading, you will have gotten to know me a little bit better!

My name is Caitlin Golding and I am an undergraduate at UNC-Wilmington. I am in the 2+2 Engineering Program and hope to transfer to NC State University this fall. It is hard to pen down what year I am because this is my second undergraduate degree. So I guess, technically, this is my 6th year! Once at NCSU, I hope to study electrical engineering. I chose EE because I think that technology is what is going to solve a lot of our world's problems. Higher efficiency and working smarter is the way to go, and I hope to be at least a small part of that!

I would say that my favorite hobby is playing soccer. I have played since I was five years old and it is something that has just stuck with me. When I came to college, I had been playing for my high school team and I was a bit burned out on it. I quit for three years, but then I found the Wilmington Adult Leagues and fell for it again! I began playing on a women's team as well as a coed team. I'm very excited at the prospect of being able to play in Raleigh if I am accepted at NCSU. I have heard that the adult leagues there are a blast!

This webpage has become my favorite and most used webpage this semester!

Caitlin's Resume

One of my favorite foods is Pizza! This is how you make one:

  1. Buy all of your ingredients
  2. Spread dough into baking dish
  3. Spread pesto on dough
  4. Add some cheese
  5. Add mushrooms, onions, and good olives
  6. Add lots more cheese
  7. Bake
  8. EAT!

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
ECE109 A
Physics A
Calculus 2 A

This is my soccer team. We were tournament champions!
Tournament Champs!