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Hello! My name is Charley Goodman. This is my first year at NC State, where I am studying Nuclear Engineering and Mathematics. I am going into Nuclear Engineering, because at first, it seemed interesting, but I found that I am interested in several of the careers in the field including the power sector and research.

I am currently in training to become a Student Reactor Operator on campus. Each year, they train 3-4 students to operate the reactor. I believe that this job will not only give me plenty of experience in the field, but also improve future job opportunities. The first step is more me to achieve at least an A- in NE 235 to continue on with the training for this position.

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Interesting Classes at NCSU

  1. NE 235 - Nuclear Reactor Operations Training
  2. MA 405 - Linear Algebra
  3. MA 565 - Graph Theory
  4. HESA 231 - Scientific Diving

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American Nuclear SocietyANS
University Scholars ProgramUSP