Why I Chose Engineering!

I am Cody E. Justus, a sophmore in undecided-engineering. I have not CODA-ed yet and am going to after the Spring '16 semester. I am interested in either biological and agricultural engineering or mechanical engineering. Since I grew up on a farm I was always working on equipment and motors always wanting to make them better, more efficient, and easier to work on. Both of the listed majors would allow me to do just that.

My favorite thing to work on cars or anything mechanical. I love the idea of being able to make a car faster by replacing a part. There is just something soothing about being alone in a garage just working on a project and let your mind roam for a few hours. Even something as simple as changing the oil can help me release some stress. Then after everything you can clean and organize the garage and wash the car/equipment, allowing you to sit back and admire your work.

Ferrari Outdated Resume
    Ordering a Calzone
  1. Use smartphone to go to the DP Dough Website
  2. Pick the "Dragon" calzone and call the number
  3. Drive to the store after about 15 minutes
  4. Pay for it and enjoy (better than pizza)
Fall '15 Classes
Class Expected Grade
ENG101 B
HI251 A
MA141 A
EC205 A
1990 F-250 Mud Truck