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Dr. Carol Kasworm, Ed.D.

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Dr. Carol Kasworm received her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Valparaiso University in Indiana and her M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Michigan State University. She completed her Ed.D. in Adult Education from the University of Georgia in 1977.

She has held faculty appointments at University of Texas-Austin, University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and University of South Florida. In addition, she has served in a number of administrative roles, to include Associate Dean of Research and Technology, College of Education, at University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Program Development at University of Houston, Clear Lake, Assistant Director of Housing at University of Georgia, Resident Instructor at University of South Florida, and Resident Director at Michigan State University. She has been principal investigator or director/co-director of 18 foundation, state, and federal grants.

Dr. Carol Kasworm is a leading authority on adult undergraduate students in higher education, including a number of qualitative studies on adult undergraduate learning and the participation patterns of adults in higher education.


Dr. Kasworm is on a study leave this Fall, 2009. She will be teaching EAC 790- Advanced Qualitative Research this spring..

Current Research

Dr. Kasworm's research interests have explored the learning experiences and the impact of higher education contexts on adult undergraduate students. She also has interest in adult learning and technology. She currently serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Continuing Higher Education, Adult Education Quarterl, New Zealand Journal of Adult Learning, International Journal of Education, and Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.

Recent Select Publications

Kasworm, C., Ross-Gordon, J. & A. Rose (Eds.) (in process, 2010).  Handbook of Adult and  Continuing Education: 2010 Edition. Thousand Oaks: Sage. (approximately 42 chapters and 550 pages).

Kasworm, C. ( in process, 2009). Adult Workers as Undergraduate Students: Significant Challenges for Higher  Education Policy and Practice.  Perna, L. (Ed.) Understanding the Meaning of “Work” for Today’s Undergraduates. Stylus

.Kasworm, C. (in process, Fall/Winter, 2009). Adult learners in a research university:  Negotiating an undergraduate  student identity Adult Education Quarterly.

Kasworm, C. (2008) Emotional Challenges of Adult Learners in Higher Education. In Dirkx, J. (Ed). Adult Learning and the Emotional Self. (pp. 27-34).  New Directions in Adult and Continuing Education (No. 120). San Francisco: Jossey Bass

Kasworm, C.& Hemmingsen, L. (2007)  Preparing Professionals for Lifelong Learning: Comparative Examination of Master’s Education programs. Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning. 54 (3), 449-468.

Kasworm, C. (2005).  Adult student identity in an intergenerational community college classroom. Adult Education Quarterly. 56(1), 3-20

Kasworm, C., Polson, C. & Fishback, S. J. (2002). Responding to Adult Students in Higher Education. Malabar, FL: Krieger Publishing Company

Wlodkowski, R. & Kasworm C. (Eds.) (2003). Accelerated Learning for Adults: The Promise and Practice of Intensive Educational Formats. New Directions in Adult and Continuing Education. (No.97 ) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Kasworm, C. (2003). Adult Meaning Making in the Undergraduate Classroom. Adult Education Quarterly, 53 (2), 81-98.

.Recent Research Presentations

Kasworm, C. (2008, November)  Looking Through a Mirror Darkly: Adult Workers as Undergraduate Students.  Paper presented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education, Jacksonville, Fl     

Kasworm, C. (2007). Lifelong Learning – The Perspective of Higher Education Serving Adult     Learners.  Proceedings of the World Conference on Lifelong Learning, Chongwon, Korea

Kasworm, C. (2007).  Adult undergraduate student identity: A proposed model.  Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association. Chicago, Ill  (retrieve online:  aera07_proceeding_158114.doc ).

Kasworm, C. (2006). Being invisible and a minority:  Adult undergraduates in the university classroom.  Proceedings of the 2006 Adult Education Research Conference, Minneapolis,Minnesota. pp. 209-214 (http://www.adulterc.org/)



Dr. Kasworm has been recognized for her leadership, scholarship, and service through induction into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, April 2002 (Class of 2002). She currently serves on the Executive Board of the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. She recently completed service to the Executive Committee of the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education as Director of the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education and has served during the last thirty years on various committees for AAACE and CPAE.