Hi, my name is Christian Lee and I am a sophmore in the Chemcial Engieneer program. The reasoning for my major was to get into the sustainable energy field. A couple different sustainable energys that peak my intrest are solar energy, wind turbine enrgy, and nuclear energy. After finishing my major I plan to work at an energy company using these renewable energy to help fight climate change and to make energy cheaper for the community. Also on the side I plan on helping third world countries find a source of renewable energy.

Some hobbies of mine are judo and playing guitar. Judo is a great way of stress relief, learning discipline, and ways to fight. Its also fun learning how to throw people that are twice your size. Rather then getting really drunk to relief stress, I rather play my guitar. Also playing guitar really helps you become more calm and relaxed.

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This is my Resume, Resume

  1. Go to Mods Pizza
  2. Sit at a table
  3. Order any pizza on the menu you can afford
  4. Eat the pizza
  5. Pay for the pizza
  6. Go home and take a nap

Heres a picture of a shoulder throw in Judo.

Course Name Expected Grade
PY 208 A
CH 201 A
MA 341 A