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My name is Chatham Ellwanger and I am a freshman in Mechanical and Electrical engineering. I like to build things and I have heard that mechanical engineers get to build things. A lot of the things I build require electricity so I decided to double major in electrical engineering so I could also learn how to use electricity. So far I have not had many chances to build things, but I am hoping next semester I will have more opportunities. Also, i didn't know until I went to the career fair, but electrical and mechanical engineers can do like every job ever, so that's cool.

One of my hobbies is cardiovascular exercise. Throughout high school I ran cross country, track, and did swimming each year. I enjoy the happiness that exercise brings, and would recommend it for everyone! I ran a marathon in the spring and have been starting to swim more often so that I can one day do an iron-man. Dogs can run too, and sometimes they look like hoverboards. picture below

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  1. Get out bread
  2. Get out peanut butter
  3. Get out jelly
  4. Make sandwich
Class Expected Grade
E101 A
CSC113 A+
E115 S

HoverBoard Dog