Welcome to my little corner of the internet

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I'm a rising freshman at NC state. I'm in First Year Engineering, I don't know precisely which major yet, but I'm leaning towards Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering. I was going to major in Physics, because I love science making stuff, but Physics seemed to have less of the making stuff and more of the theoretical, so I picked Engineering instead. Plus I just really hate quarks. I'm thinking Aerospace or mechanical in particular because I think planes and rockets are awesome and working for NASA one day would be hella cool.

My favorite place to go on vacation is Disney World. I love Epcot in particular because it's like going to loads of different countries in one afternoon, but cleaner and with Mickey ice creams. Going on Spaceship Earth is also great, I've been on it like thirty times. We always stay for the fireworks too, and they are very pretty. They also have proper chunky British chips in a little stall in "England" which are the pinnacle of potatoey goodness.

Cats are 1000000% better than dogs for a bajillion different reasons but I'll only discuss a couple here. First of all, dogs smell, and even though cats smell a bit sometimes too, they are definitely much less smellier than dogs. Dogs also seem to think saliva is their gift to the world, and spread it everywhere, especially on me, and I do not like that. Cats keep to themselves and actually seem to hate people most of the time, but when they do decide to cuddle they respect your space and don't lick your face. Also dogs just seem to hate me for some reason, which proves that they are dumb, because who wouldn't like me?? Cats, however, do like me, and the feeling is mutual, because cats are the snuggliest, fuzziest, most lovely little balls of sunshine in the world.

My favorite websites:

Look at this 
	awesome kitten


How to make my favorite sandwich:

  1. Get two slices of focaccia bread
  2. Thickly spread guacamole on one of the slices and mock chicken tofu spread on the other
  3. Wash and drain a can of butterbeans and some salad
  4. Put a layer of butterbeans on top of the guacamole
  5. Lay salad leaves on the beans
  6. Put the other slice of bread on top. Voila!
  7. Yes weird I know but it's good trust me

Class Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
CH 101 A
HESF 102 S

This is a picture of the Epcot fireworks:

Epcot fireworks