Welcome All!

Hi, I'm Cameron McKnight a freshman here at North Carolina State University. I am planning to major in both Electrical Engineering and Physics in order to acquire my dream career; which is becoming an astronomer. Electrical engineering encompasses more than just the average technology-oriented degree, as it covers a broad range of career fields that do not all deal with engineering and technology. I aspire to be part of this field mainly because I want to contribute something revolutionary to the world. My personal curiosity for simply wanting to know how things work and how to explain our universe, has attributed into my understanding that a double major in electrical engineering and physics is just for me. Ever since I was a child, I have found a sense of excitement in taking apart toys, learning how they work, and putting them back together. This joy is what I want to also have in my career.

My favorite hobby is sports in general. Everything from kicking a football, to knocking down a three, to hitting a baseball out-of-the-park, I love to do in my spare time. Sports provides me with a sense of value, that school work/research does not provide. All throughout high school I played baseball, basketball, and ran track. I was pretty good at each one, even claiming a regional title, and runner-up in states for track, so just to be relied on for something I was good at gave me delight.


    How to Order a Pizza

  1. Call the pizza place of your choice.
  2. Tell the pizza man/woman want type of pizza you want.
  3. Get off the phone and wait for pizza to be ready.
  4. Have money ready, pick up pizza, and enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
Calculus 2 A+
Chemistry 101 A
English 101 A

Favorite Hobby