Hello and welcome to my personal webpage! Below you will find a bit of information to help you learn more about my major, current involvement, aspirations, etc.

My name is Cameryn Sharkey and I am currently a first year student at NC State University. Since I am a first year student, I do not yet have a declared engineering major. However, I plan to coda this fall and I hope to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. I am interested in mechanical engineering because of its versatility and the strong emphasis on math and physics. Throughout the next four years, I wish to learn more about the concentration and figure out what kind of work I would like to do with my degree.

Currently, I am not employed in any part time positions. I am in the process of looking for a job on-campus to busy myself, gain work experience, and save some money. After college, my dream job is a well-paid engineering job in which I can put the skills I will have acquired into practice. Since I am not quite sure yet what aspect of mechanical engineering I would like to focus on, I am unsure what type of work my dream engineering job will embody. My main goal when it comes to pursuing my dream job is finding something I enjoy doing and will be happy to work at for a long time.

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The four most interesting classes I have taken or am currently taking
  1. Calculus III
  2. AP Physics C: Mechanics
  3. Literary Critiques and Contexts in Twentieth Century America
  4. Engineering Fundamentals

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University Honors Program NCSU University Honors Program
Engineer's Council NCSU Engineer's Council