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Hello! My name is Caleb Thomas. I am a freshmen at NC State hoping to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. I chose this major because I love physics, especially mechanical physics, and wanted to apply it in the real world. I also love aircraft and enjoy the idea of helping design them as a career. In additon, I also enjoy learning how various contraptions work, which I get to explore in my engineering classes

My favorite hobby is probably playing acoustic guitar. I love music and the guitar allows me to explore many different playing styles from modern rock to traditional celtic pieces. I have been playing guitar since I was six years old and still love it. My other favoirte hobbies are drumming, juggling, and lockpicking. They all present their own challenges and are enjoyable to learn. I find that having several hobbies is more enjoyable than being confined to one.

My Resume

How To Make My Favorite Pizza

  1. Go Out and Kill A Cow
  2. Put The Meat On A Picture of Flame
  3. Put The Meat On The Dough
  4. Throw On Cheese And Seasoning
  5. Pretend To Put It In The Oven
  6. Put It On A Plate And Serve It To Me

Class Grade
Calculus 98
Chemistry 93

Martin Guitar