Homework 5

My name is Connor Bottorff and I am a freshman in the College of Engineering. I want to be either a Mechanichal engineer or a Aerospace Engineer. I am really hoping to get into the college of mechanical engineering but I'm not sure if I can . I would still be happy with aerospace even if mechanical doesn't seem to work out. I just dont have much of a third choice in mind.

My favorite break from school would have to be the most recent Christmas break. Over break I was able to make it all the way up to PA and see a couple of my cousins who I haven't seen in years. They live on a farm so there was plenty of room to just go outside and mess around all day. And than the fact that it snowed Christmas morning just made it that much better. It really was one of the best breaks I've had in a while and I would do almost anything to go back in time and relive that break.

I love March Madness. It is an entire month dedicated solely to NCAA basketball. I mean, what is there not to love about that? The competition between you and your roomates on who can pick the best bracket, between your friends who go to other colleges on whos team is going to make it farther. Everyday there is something to look forward to. It puts shame on almost every other month of the year. And it is also the only month of basketball that matters at all.

My Favorite Website(Facebook) My Favorite Website
    Steps to make the best sandwich ever:
  1. Open bag of bread and lay out two slices next to each other.
  2. Find peanutbutter, a knife and jelly.
  3. Using the knife and after opening both the jelly and the peanut butter spread evenly.
  4. Take the two slices and place ontop of each other.
  5. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
CH 201 A
MA 141 B+
EC 205 B+
E 115 Pass