Welcome to the life of Christopher Drake

Hello my name is Christopher Drake. I am currently classified as a junior and my major is computer engineering. I choose this major because my father went to school for computers and he got me interested into computers. It helps that I have always had an interest in how things work. I enjoy working with my hands and it is great that this career is really hands on, and keeps my mind working.

My favorite hobbies have to be working and going to the movies. I currently work at Food Lion and I find that it is a great place to work. It keeps me entertained because of the people i work for are great and interesting. I also like going to the movies because it always keeps you guessing. I like watching all types of movies because the message and the endings are always interesting to see.

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  1. get two pieces of bread
  2. put mayo on one piece of bread
  3. add ham
  4. add turkey
  5. add cheese
  6. put other piece of bread on the sandwich
Course name Expected Grade
ECE 109 B
ES 200 A
CSC 226 A