So you're reading my webpage...from the great beyond!

My name is Colleen. My tentative graduation date is May 2017. My major is Environmental Engineering. I chose this major because I am interested in environmental issues and remediation.

My favorite hobby is kayaking. I have done different types (sea, whitewater, etc.) but mostly just recreational. Once, whilst in Virginia Beach, a dolphin swam alongside my kayak. Pretty cool...right? Then I got seasick. Ugh.

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  1. Go to Wawa
  2. Go to the ordering screen
  3. Choose a shorti
  4. Choose Chicken Strip Custom
  5. Pick lettuce
  6. Pick tomato
  7. Choose pickles
  8. Then mayo
  9. Salt and pepper
Class Expected Grade (thanks for jinxing me)
CHE 205 F
IPGE 295 B
E 115 S
ST 370 D
E 201 B
CSC 112 B
Kayak Pic