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Hi, my name is Cameron Allen. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan to major in mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy designing and working with parts.

In highschool I detailed cars. Its a very rewarding job to take a dirty car and make it look like it just rolled off the dealerships lot. The hard part is taloring your work to your client. Some people are fine with a simple wash and vacuum, while others will notice every little peice of dirt and want it removed. Often I would have clients who's cars looked like they had been washed with sandpaper, yet they wanted me to wash it and make it look brand new, which just isn't possible with a wash alone, it would take a multistep polish and correction, which would take me days to complete.

  1. MA141
  2. CH101
  3. EC205
  4. HESF 122
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Young Americans for Liberty Young Americans for Liberty
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Reform of Marijuana Laws