Independent Assignment

This is a quick web page with a bit of information about me

Hello my name is Cobe Garcia. I am a transfer junior in civil engineering. I am also a member of the men's swimming and diving team on campus. I transferred from the University of Kentucky. However, I am originally from Kansas. I am a civil engineering major, but I was mechanical engineering for my first two years of college. I chose civil engineering because my classes that transferred over from my mechanical background mirrored what I needed for civil here. It is also because I decided on transferring in late July and there was no space in mechanical.

My dream job would be to design advanced prosthetics that are able to interface with the patients nervous system so that they may have full motor control. This has always been a fascinating topic for me. However, I will more than likely have to decide on another career path or finish my mechanical degree to get into this field of work.

Classes of Interest

  1. Dynamics
  2. Differential Equations
  3. Bourbon tasting
  4. Scuba Diving

Club Website
Varsity Swimming link
Quidditch link