Christopher Gozum


My Major

My intended major as of right now is currently Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

I chose this field as I find nuclear energy incredibly interesting, and I feel that it's the future of energy production once we are able to harness the energy from nuclear fusion. As of right now, I either plan to commission into the United States Navy, work for an nuclear energy company, or do research in the field of nuclear energy.

Taken/Planned Coursework

Class Course title Semester
NE 201 Intro to Nuclear Engr 3rd Semester
CSC 112 Intro to Computing - FORTRAN 2nd Semester
NE 202 Rad. Sources Interact/Detect 4th Semester
NE 301 Fund of Nuclear Engr 5th Semester
NE 402 Reactor Engr 7th Semester