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Hello, my name is Cameron Maras. I am a freshman and am pursuing a degree in Nuclear Engineering. I chose that major because I think nuclear energy is the only viable large scale alternative to carbon-producing energy sources. I specifically want to do research with nuclear fusion.

My favorite hobby is racing sailboats. During the summer, I am a member of a yacht club back home in Ohio where we hold races every weekend. A lot of my friends and family are involved so it's a great way to relax during the weekend. We usually sail three person boats and race against other club members, but sometimes we travel to bigger lakes like Lake Erie or Lake Ontario to compete nationally. Sailing is an odd, yet captivating dynamic to someone's interests because you never really think about how ships would travel before engines, and knowing how to do that is very special.

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How to order pizza:

  1. Call pizza place
  2. Order 2 Large Pizzas
  3. Thin Crust
  4. 1 with everything
  5. 1 with pepperoni
  6. Finish order

Class Expected Grade
Caculus 2 A
Physics I A+
Russian Film Studies A