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My name is Christian Pierce. I am a freshman at NC State and I plan on majoring in electrical engineering. I chose electrical engineering because of my interest in mathematics and technology, particularly computers and electrical circuits. My uncle is in a similar line of work to that of an electrical engineer, and seeing what he does at work only further strengthens my desire to become an electrical engineer.

Currently, I work in a Mexican restaurant called MiCasita in my home town of Fayetteville, NC. Whenever I return home on breaks, I work here as a cashier or bus boy. The pay is very good for this kind of job, and it has definitely helped me to save up money for future payments and tuition. If I am not able to find a good internship over the next summer, I will continue to work at this restaurant.

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My top four most interesting classes:

  1. MA241
  2. HI209
  3. E115
  4. CH101
Club or organization I am interested in Link to website
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Click here
Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service Click here