Welcome to Grant's Page!

My name is Grant Scarboro, and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am majoring in engineering, but I am undecided between the disciplines. My top two choices are electrical and mechanical. I feel that I would enjoy electrical because it seems like it would require much logic which I feel I am proficient. However, mechanical seems to me to be interesting as it involves a multitude of physics concepts which I would love to apply.

This past summer, I went to my cousin's wedding in Atlanta, GA where we had a blast. While there, several of my family members and I befriended a taxi cab driver named Haddish. Whenever we needed a lift somewhere, we would call him and he would pretty much drop what he was doing to come pick us up. When we were outside the Atlanta city limits and no other taxi cab would come to get us, he gladly broke the rules in order to come pick us up. Also, we had much fun visiting the Coca-Cola museum where we got to sample cokes from around the world. Another activity we partook in was to go golfing where we all had a pleasurable (maybe not good) round of golf.

#1 Favorite Website #2 Favorite Website
  1. Find a phonebook
  2. Search for pizza business that delivers
  3. Call using number found and give order
  4. Wait
  5. Pay deliverer and enjoy pizza
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A+
Calculus A+
Economics A