I am Cadyn Bolton, Welcome to me

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I am a current student at North carolina state university, in the first year engineering program. When I CODA I wish to go into the computer and electrical engineering discipline for the double degree program. I am on track to graduate by 2020.


I chose this major because I have always had an interest in computers and technology, including video games and 3D printers. This double major will give me the skills to work on almost any technology, for any technology company. These majors will also make me more appealing to theese companies and more likely to recieve a job offer. I intend to graduate and go into the field.


Relevant courses

Class Course Title Semester
MA141 Calculus 1 Fall 2016 term
MA241 Calculus 2 Spring 2017 term
PY205 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1 Spring 2017 term