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My name is Caleb Hedges. I am a non degree seeking student in my second year of classes. I want to pursue a degree in electrical engineering or computer sceince. I am interested in electrical engineering because I want to better understand computer hardware. I am interested in computer science because I enjoy working with computers.

I enjoy playing guitar in my free time. I'm not particularly good, but I like making musical type noises and such. I practice sporatically, but enough to make progress. I am proficient in execution, but I lack knowledge pertaining to music theory and sheet music. I play for fun.

the land of plenty
Grendel Analysis Paper
  1. Find wallet and keys
  2. Get in car using keys
  3. Drive car to food lion
  4. Find freezer isle
  5. Grab a Red Baron
  6. Go to self checkout
  7. Use contents of wallet to purchase pizza
  8. Walk out of store wondering if anyone noticed you drove to a food lion to purchase a single frozen pizza
  9. Drive home
  10. Cook Pizza at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes
Course Expected Grade
MA 141 B
ANT 253 A
E 115 Pass
It's a guitar