Welcome to my Homework 6 Webpage!

My name is Christopher Hedges, and I am a sophmore in Environmental Science.

I chose Environmental Science as my major because of several reasons.

Firstly, I enjoy working more on hands than on mathematics or theorhetical problems.

So I chose Environmental Science as a field I believe I would enjoy.

In addition, I have always had concerns about the way we trea the environment and what it means for the future.

My favorite hobby is gaming. In fact, it's hard to consider it as one hobby.

I have always played many different kinds of games, over many genres, ever since I was a kid

Lately I have been playing DotA 2 a lot, but I also enojy World of Warcraft, and various other games.

Some of my favorite games growing up were Banjo-Kazooie, Paper Mario, and the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Masj

In fact, as a kid growing up, I loved games so much I wanted to make them when I grew up.

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  1. First preheat the oven to about 375 degrees.
  2. Next prepare the dough by adding flour and working it into shape.
  3. Then add the sauce, cheese and any other toppings.
  4. Finally cook the pizza for about 10 minutes
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
ENG 425 B
ES 100 A
ES 200 B
CSC 116 A
MEA 100 B