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Hello, my name is Colton Gibson. I am a junior and my chosen major is Construction Engineering. I chose to study Construction Engineering because it is very interesting to me how buildings are designed and built, and I think it will lead me into a career that is exciting and interesting.

I currently work for a construction company in Raleigh named Mcdonald York Building Company. I was a field intern for them this past summer where I worked on several different jobsites, and gained valuable experience in the construction industry. My hope is that my internship will lead to a full time position where I can work in the field for a few years, then transition to a position as a project engineer or project manager.

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My Classes

  1. CE 382 Hydraulics
  2. CE 332 Materials of Construction
  3. CE 365 Construction Equipment
  4. CE 321 Reinforced Concrete
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Club Name Website
Young Life Raleigh Raleigh Younglife
American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE
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