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A Photo of myself

Hello, my name is Cameron Howell. I am a freshman at NC State, and am interested in pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have always been interested in cars, more specifically, about how internal combustion engines operate. I would like to be a mechanical engineer so that I could one day help create an internal combustion engine that has a perfect balance between power and efficiency. This would eliminate the need for electric automobiles.

The job I was working immediately prior to attending NC State was as an usher at a movie theater. I worked as an usher for ten months before leaving so I could focus on getting ready for college. While working, I learned valuable team-related skills that helped train me to better operate as part of a group, as opposed to independently.

Most Interesting Classes in order

  1. History of Popular Music
  2. Intro to Engineering
  3. Chemistry Lab
  4. Calculus I

Organizations I am Involved In

Club Website
NCSU Club Running Club Running
Antioch Church Antioch