Welcome to Calvin's website!

Hello my name is Calvin Putnam.I am a Junior as NorthCarolina State University.I currently study Applied Mathematics at NCSU. After high school I decided to take classes at Wake tech and while I was there, Mathematics stood out to me and was one of the main classes that I excelled in. Once I noticed that I was good at math, Applied Mathematics was the obvious choice to study.

During my free time I enjoy going to the gym. I am a very active person who doesnt like to sit still for very long. I also play sports such as basketball, football and paintball.I discoverd paintball in highschool and I fell in love with it and go as often as I can. While I go to NCSU I go to the gym every night and play basketball on the courts there as well.

NC State!!

Making Calvin's Favorite Pizza (Cheese)

  1. Get ingedients
  2. put ingedients together
  3. bake the ingedients
  4. eat the pizza!
Class Expected grade
CSC116 -A
ES100 A
ANT253 +B
E115 P
NCSU Basketball